Daylight for the Real Estate Market?


With daylight savings time just a few days away, I can’t help but get excited, as I am reminded every year that this “season” is the official kick-off to the Spring real estate market. With DST beginning a month earlier now, I am confident that the Hamilton Township New Jersey real estate market and surrounding areas will notice an increase in the following areas over the next few weeks: 

  1. Open house traffic.
  2. Website traffic.
  3. Buyer showings.
  4. Offers.
  5. Contracts.
  6. Relieved sellers.

Last year, 43% of all settlements (Hamilton Township, New Jersey) occurred in the 4 months following DST.  In other words, 43% of all closings took place in 33% of the time.  Conversely, 57% of the closings took place over the other 8 months.  This year should be no different, as home buyers and sellers now will have the extra hour, especially on weekends, to either drive through their favorite neighborhoods looking for real estate signs, or to spend time on their home in preparation to bring the home to the market for sale.  If you are a home buyer and you have been procrastinating, don’t delay as you’re bound to see increased “competition” from other buyers. And by the way, don’t forget to change you smoke detector batteries!


One Response to Daylight for the Real Estate Market?

  1. Art Karloff says:

    Enjoyed your observations Mike. More later. Art

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