The Fish Stinks From the Head


I will never forget my first management training class. It was one of the best.  The instructor starting off by saying “The fish stinks from the head”, a statement which certainly got everyone’s attention.  He went on to explain that the manager of a real estate office, or an ice cream stand, or a restaurant, is responsible for anything bad that happens there. It’s his fault. It’s her fault.

Kind of like a modern day “The Buck Stops Here”.

This statement resonated with me, and I loved the idea that I may have that much control, influence and the ability to affect change on my office.  It’s one of the guiding principles that have enabled me to have a shelf life in this business for 23 years.

As the owner, manager and listing agent for most of my properties, this principle has never had greater meaning.  I am fortunate to own my own business where I can make marketing, service, budget or any other change faster than any of my local competitors in order to create the best buying and selling experience for my clients. 


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