Why I Love Audio Books


I am a poor reader.  My friend, K.C., calls me “ADD Boy”.  I get distracted by noise easily when I try to read.  And dogs. And kids. And the urge to sleep.  I am forcing myself to get through a book right now which is actually quite entertaining- slow in parts- but a great book nonetheless, The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. He is a genius.  It has been on my night stand for exactly 12 months now, and I am forcing the last 20+ pages down like my Mother’s hamburger-cabbage soup.  (She doesn’t read this)

Anyway, my business coach suggested I read more in order to keep my brain sharp, my attitude crisp and to feed my internal thirst for knowledge and growth. When I told her I was a poor reader, she told me to go Amazon.com or wherever and get some books on CD.   I quickly remembered my old audio cassette collection of Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale and others, many who have given me a better education than any college ever could.  With that, I went on a CD spending spree.

A couple hundred dollars later, I was on my way to building a CD Library.  Since all new music sucks, (a true sign of getting old) and I can only listen to so much ESPN Radio, this new ambition makes a lot of sense. Having a 20 minute drive to and from work, and quite often fining myself in my car going to appointments, I have been able to listen to 8 books now in the last 7 weeks.  The likes of Seth Godin, Jeffrey Fox, Michael Gerber, and yes, Brian Tracy, are now in my new library.

What does this have to do with real estate?  Godin (Marketing), Fox (Sales), Gerber (Business Management) and Tracy (Goals) are all considered experts in their field. The cool thing is that the more is listen, the more I want. Just the opposite of Mom’s soup.


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