Just Give Me the Address!

I received a web inquiry yesterday from a past client, and a great guy. He was very frustrated because the MLS section of my website (technically known as IDX, for Internet Data Exchange) was not giving him the address of the properties he was viewing.

I explained to him why this was happening, and that he was being blocked by the other broker, because they want to keep the address a secret, so you are forced to call in to their office. There is even one company whose policy it is not to give you the address unless you give them your name and phone number for “security reasons”. Unbelievable. They have a big sign outside the property,but won’t give me the address from their direct mailer.

The address of the property is the number 1 thing a buyer wants to know. Why? They want to know the neighborhood, and they want to drive by.  Price and taxes are believe it or not, distant second and third concerns.

As a home seller, I would insist that my broker published the address everywhere, so the buyer could drive by, not be hassled, and shop for their home on their own terms.

At Help-U-Sell, we publish the address of every listing on our website, our direct mail pieces and we freely give the address without hassle.

So, as a future home seller, you have 2 options: insist on your broker providing the address upfront, or list with a Help-U-Sell broker.


One Response to Just Give Me the Address!

  1. G.Stilson says:

    I can’t believe in this day and age brokers don’t give the address- great point!

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