A Job For a Professional

When choosing a real estate professional, many consumers prefer to work with someone they know. Whether it be a neighbor, someone form church, or their cubicle mate at their State job, folks like working with someone they trust. Trust out-weighs in many cases the lack of knowledge or ability or time availability this “friend” may have.  To me, it makes more sense to try to find someone of trust and capability. This is not the market to be working with an agent who makes a few sales a year.  This is a professionals market.

Why a professionals market?  Changing prices.  Changing lending regulations. Inventory pools rising, then in some pockets, great demand. Is that the market for someone who may know the directions to your home?  Or someone who sold a house in your neighborhood 12 years ago?

Use a professional. Interview 3 brokers. Double check their pricing strategies. Grill them on their marketing plan. Ask them to name the last house they sold in your development. Give them my “Full Service” quiz. Get a reference or 3, especially if your instinct says so.


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