There is no “Mr. Harbinger”

When buying a real estate franchise, like Help-U-Sell, one must come up with a dba (doing business as) which technically is the correct / registered name of your company. In my case, we are Harbinger Realty, dba Help-U-Sell Harbinger Realty. I wanted to pick a name (Harbinger) which had nothing to do with ego, i.e.,  my last name, but instead stood for everything that I wished to create, which is something special. As per Merriam Webster, Harbinger is  One that pioneers in or initiates a major change. 

After tearing thru endless pages of the dictionary, that is how I arrived on “Harbinger”.   Of course, Help-U-Sell itself is inititating a major industry change with it’s set fee price structure, and by the choices we give our sellers.


2 Responses to There is no “Mr. Harbinger”

  1. Hi Mike! Great blog—glad to see you are doing this through your site as well. I recently updated ours and made it more user-friendly. Feel free to visit at: Dirty Little Secrets Behind White Picket Fences: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about all things Real Estate.

    It’s a mouthful, but it makes a statement (I think). Anyway, feel free to link anything I write there as substance for this blog here and I will feel free to do the same (unless you tell me otherwise).

    I have pneumonia, so I will be online frequently while resting up.


  2. mikeelliott1 says:

    Thanks, Vanessa!

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