The Best and Worst About Selling Real Estate

Several recent closings have reminded me of what I like and dislike about what I do. Here goes, the top 5 for each.

The Best

1. Helping nice people who appreciate what we do, and building and keeping an ongoing relationship with them.

2. The challange of the sale. From the moment of the “listing interview”, to the challenge of getting the home sold, this brings out my competitive spirit. The sense of accomplishment is hard to beat.

3.  Learning new things. Even after almost 24 years, it’s fun to learn new things and get better at what I do.

4. Every day is different. This business is rarely boring!

5. I would be a liar if I didn’t mention that I love the opportunity to win sales awards.

The Worst

1. When clients are disappointed with me, and no matter what I do, they are unable to be happy.  I try to remember that it’s not always about me.

2. Client stress. Many times, buyers and sellers get completely overwhelmed with the entire process. Some fear everything. What is amazing is when I visit someone weeks or months after a closing, most times the are truly a different person.

3. Agents-attorneys-lenders who don’t return calls. My parents taught me to return calls and be courteous. I guess some folks didn’t have parents like mine. This drives me crazy. Recently I left an agent 5 voicemails, with no return call, and bumped into her in a restaurant a couple weeks later. She tried to avoid eye contact. I went over and said hello!

4. Surprises beyond anyone’s control.  Once in a blue moon, a buyer loses their job, a client gets very sick, or a home inspection reveals a shocking defect which neither client has the ability to correct. Sometimes you’re the windshield…

5. Nasty people. Enough said!  Fortunately, I have been blessed with many wonderful, friendly, reasonable clients in 2007 who have been a true pleasure to work with.


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