Weather and Real Estate Similarities

It must have been a slow day yesterday, beause I could not help but think of the weather-real estate connection and similarities. Here you go:

1. Everyone likes to talk about both. Many folks claim to be experts.

2. They are both impossible to predict.  Yet, we all try to do so.

3. Hot. Cold. No explanation needed.

4. They both have doomsday-like myths to exploit our fears:  Global warming (have you been outside today?) and a Real Estate Bubble.

5. We love to measure them by the month. We love to keep data on them.

6. Just when you see a predictable pattern, it changes.

7. You can’t control it.

8. My least favorite:  Weather affects the real estate market, especially buyer flow.

Here’s to a great forecast for both!


One Response to Weather and Real Estate Similarities

  1. Dolores says:

    🙂 Very True! But those blah weather days are great for getting people on the phone 🙂 BTW great brochure below!

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