Do You Have a Coach?

My first coach of any kind was my dad. He coached me in baseball, basketball and soccer,  and though he didnt know back then what coaches know today, he was a great coach for me. The two things he ingrained in me were to:

1. Visualize the end result (maybe he was a bit ahead of his time).

2. Have a positive attitude.

Dad knew me best and he was my best coach. To this day, many old friends ask about Dad and tell me what a great coach he was. They usually follow it up with a story about how he helped them.  What a great memory for me, as Dad passed away in 1994.

30+ years and many coaches later, I no longer play sports, but I still need a coach.

Enter Bev.  Bev has been my business coach for a few months now, and has made a tremendous difference in how I view my business, past clients, marketing and so forth. Her resources are a big investment, but she is certainly worth it. One of my strengths is that even after 24 years in this always changing, always challenging business, I want to get better. That’s why I hired Bev.

Who is your coach?


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