The Lost Art of Returning Calls

What was once common courtesy is now considered a kind gesture. “Thanks for returning my call so quickly,” is something I hear quite often. “Why wouldn’t I?”, is my thought.

In the past month, I have had an agent who promised me an offer on my listing not return 5 of my calls; An attorney who I had a transaction with not return 3 calls; A client not return 3 calls.  As in never. 

I have been coached that “It’s not always about me”.  No kidding. It’s about them picking up the damn phone and giving me a 20 second update. That’s all. I’m not looking to discusss Sunday’s episode of the Soprano’s (but, boy, that was another good one!) or how the Yankees are 9 1/2 games behind my beloved Red Sox.  Just give me an update.

In the attorney’s case, perhaps he doesn’t know how much business I can send his way. Or take away, and give to someone else. When I finally saw him at the settlement, I said nothing, other than, “Hello, how are you, good to see you again.”  I made sure his client knew that his attorney never returned my calls. The key here is to not get into the mud, with name calling. Just a simple, “Hey is everything ok, I have called your attorney 3 times, and I have not heard back from him ? ! ” 

That says it all. Who has time for the other nonsense?


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