Giving Homesellers Feedback

When homes were selling in less than 30 days, there was no need for feedback. Just wait another week or two, and it would be sold.  Now, sellers seem to be on a mission for feedback, and perhaps because as agents we set ourselves up for this by promising too much.

A good agent can give “pre-feedback” before the home even goes on the market, but one must be careful. There is a certain skill level an agent must have to get the listing and price it right, while  carefully explaining  what the home’s detractors are, with great sensitivity, but being direct and honest.

A good agent with an abundance of experience knows what the buyers will say, both positively and negatively before the home hits the market. If an agent is surprised by buyer and other agent feedback, then they were not paying close enough attention to the home and it’s attributes.  

The following is a list of reasons why some of my listings are not sold, but sellers want me to call every buyer and every agent regardless, for feedback.

1. Colors are too personalized.

2. Bad curb appeal, cluttered looking yard and poor landscaping.

3. Price. Can’t forget that one.  Or, “I can get more house for less price”.

4. The back yard is too small.

5. The upstairs is too small.

6. Overall condition of house. (This is always fun to share with your clients)

7. Busy road  / side road / backs up to busy road.

8. The floor plan did not work for the buyer.

One of the biggest time wasters in getting feedback is this- rarely can an agent talk a buyer or other agent into getting that buyer to buy the listing, if the buyer is not excited about the home. Sometimes, a buyer doesn’t even know why they don’t like a home- it just doesn’t feel right.

My suggestion for sellers is this:  Hire an agent you trust. Ask them what the 3 biggest hurdles are going to be in the selling of your home. For the items which you can change, take care of them. For those you cannot, reflect these deficiencies in your asking price. Then let your agent work new buyers and focus on getting your listing sold, instead of focusing on why the others didnt buy, which they should already know anyway.


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