Most Agents…

I was recently on another blog, reading abut all the new tech stuff out there for agents, alot of which is supposed to make us more functional, organzied and “MacGyver-like” as one comment read.  Hogwash.

Most real estate agents (more than 50%) do not:

1. Have a laptop so they can access MLS or data on the road.

2. Do not use a virtual tour.

3. Have their own website, or blog for that matter.

4. Do not hold open houses.

5. Do not call every agent or buyer for feedback. (More on that issue in my next post, at the risk of sounding hypocritical)

6. Make less than 3 sales per year (According to the National Assocaition of Realtors).

Agents are the slowest to change with the times, probably due to their independent contractor status (most are not employees). Gadgets can be fun, but customer contact is where it’s at.


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