Make an Offer!

Do you like the house and location?  Is the condition acceptable?  Do you pretty much like everything about the house except the price?  Make an offer!  If the house is priced at $329,900, but you feel it is worth $300,000, there is no harm in making an offer.  Most sellers have some bit of negotiability built in to their asking price, some more , some less than others.

So, why do buyers not make offers when they like a house?

1. They are not ready to commit.  They are afraid, uncertain, and perhaps have not seen enough homes yet to know the difference between a great house and an ok house.

2. They don’t want to insult the owners with a low offer.

3. They don’t want to be let down with a rejection.

#1 I can understand. As for #2 & #3, so what?  At the end of the day, you both move on.  It doesn’t cost you a thing, other than some spent emotions, to make the offer.  Make it, and hope for the best.


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