What We Can Learn From Baseball

When I was 8 years old, I played baseball In Hamilton’s HTRBA “tiny league”. I played 1b-P-C for “Parfait House”.  I guess I might have pulled an A-Rod type of move and yelled at a fielder to miss a ball. But I was 8.  A-Rod reminds me of some people in my (or any) business. If I have to be a jerk, or an idiot or scare the client into not using the competition type, then I guess I don’t want your business.  Not for me.

Just to clarify-  I play as hard as anyone, maybe harder. But there is a certain level of professionalism expected in any business, and many miss the mark.

I’ll never forget one game when my dad removed me from the game (I was pitching and doing poorly) and I threw my glove at the fence in frustration. He made me sit in the car for the last couple innings. I remember that like it was yesterday, and it was 36 years ago.

It’s amazing what we can learn from baseball, even at a young age.


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