Staging 101

Staging is a buzz word that many folks seem to get, but don’t totally. Staging, a term coined by Barb Schwarz, has been around for over 30 years. Last November, I took a course and became an ASP myself (Accredited Staging Professional), a designation held by a handful of local agents, probably less than 1%.

Staging is the exact opposite of personalizing a home. It’s “de-personalizing” a home, so it appeals to a wider audience. In short, it’s:

1. Detailing a house, much like how you would detail a car. Make it Q-tip clean.

2. It’s decluttering. Throw it out, move it out!

3. Staging is using your available resources to make a home look it’s best. This is where an expert’s eye is best utilized.

At Help-U-Sell Harbinger Realty, Staging is a service we provide, free of charge, to every seller. We go room-by-room, and we very candidly give you advice about how to make a home look it’s best so it can sell faster, and for top dollar.

In this competitive market, getting staged is imperative. Call now, and get your home Staged! (609) 587-8001.


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