Attitude for Sellers

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”  -Henry Ford

Your attitude as a home seller is easily read by the buyer. Most sellers are rather positive in the first few days of the new listing.  Why wouldn’t they be?  They just spent weeks or months getting the home ready, making it spiffy from top to bottom. In many cases, it’s never looked better.  Their friends and family tell them, “Your house will sell fast / overnight / right away / in less than 15 days!”

Then reality hits.  Bad traffic. No showings for 15 days. No offers. The agent says the price is too high.  Some sellers get angry with their agent. Some get depressed. Some are in denial.

It’s the depressed that I worry the most about, because I am a believer in Mr. Ford’s quote.  As long as you are realistic about your price, keep your head up. Keep smiling. No matter “how bad” it seems.  If a home buyer(s) senses your bad attitude  (believe it or not, we have had some sellers tell the buyers how bad it’s getting, and just say wayyyy too much) they might just make a ridiculous low offer. Or lower.

Be positive. Have a plan. Eliminate the weaknesses which your home may convey. 

Henry Ford had it right.


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