Give Bonds His Due

If I were a teammate of Barry Bonds, I don’t think we would be friends. He is too surly for me. But until you really get to know someone, who knows? 

As for Bonds breaking Henry Aaron’s home run record of 755 careeer blasts, I have decide that it is time to give Bonds his due respect. Seriously.  Has Bonds cheated? Probably.  Has Roger Clemens cheated?  Uh, I think so, yes. Has Bonds ever failed a drug test?  No.  Is Clemens considered the best pitcher of his generation? Is Clemens a jerk?  Yes, and yes. They have a lot in common in my opinion.

With or without the aid of whatever, Bonds can flat out hit. As of today, he leads MLB in walks. He gets walked one out of 3 plate appearances!  Pitchers still don’t want to pitch to this old man. My guess is without the cheating, he would have hit 700 home runs.  But if the pitchers were not cheating, too, he might have hit 800.  He’s that good.

If for one minute you think some of your favorite players have not cheated, then you’re not being honest with yourself. Baseball players have cheated for a hundred years.  Science has taken it to the next level. I don’t condone it, I just say that everyone in this era, everyone  should have an asterisk next to their name, not just Bonds. If you place one next to Bonds, you better place one next to Clemens.


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