Why Real Estate Agents FSBO Their Homes

Just this morning, a new post from Greg at Blue Roof Real Estate in Utah talks about how a former agent of his was selling his home privately, and not using the MLS.  Greg tries to make the point that Realtors, and everyone else, should follow the system they are in, and if they don’t believe in it, they should leave it.

I made a quick response to Greg’s post, stating that  many agents in my market have sold privately, FSBO, and without the MLS, because quite simply, they too feel paying $20,000 or so is not necessary in order to sell a home.  Greg is right, in a sense, they are hypocrites.  But Greg deleted my response to his post.

So, are these agents hypocrites or just shrewd?  Why would you spend $24,000 to sell a $400,000 home, when you know you can sell it faster, and still pocket more money, by reducing the price, and passing some of the savings along  to the buyer?

If real estate agents are selling as a FSBO, they must know something most consumers don’t.  It’s just too costly to pay 5% or 6% to sell a home.

Greg and I have done blog battle in the past.  He thinks the Earth is flat, and that all properties must be placed in the MLS.


One Response to Why Real Estate Agents FSBO Their Homes

  1. In defense of Greg (yes, I can’t believe I just wrote that either, lol) he is somewhat brainwashed after his many years of practicing real estate the old-fashioned way. You get used to a certain way of doing things and making money, and become threatened when others appear to take that from you. The only way he can survive is to lie to himself and others in order to keep his model of real estate alive. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time until consumers catch on and realize there are a lot of better, more efficient, and less expensive ways to buy and sell real estate. We live in the now of today and the future of tomorrow; Greg clings desperately to the past. It takes time to change your method of thinking, but eventually, that is exactly what he will have to do in order to survive in the real estate industry.

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