Houses and Music

When I think about certain homes I have lived in or spent alot of time in, I can’t help but make a connection to a certain song. For example, in my paternal grandmother’s house, I think of Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John, because that song was a radio hit when my grandmother died. I went with Mom and Dad to clean and paint the house, and we spent days and days there, and that song played about 4 million times. I also think about a song called Redwing, which I have never heard anywhere else but when she played it on her piano. I loved that song, just  like I loved her, it was a part of her.  My other grandmother never played music, since she was a sourpuss. (My Mom doesn’t read this) 

At the home I was raised in, I think of a couple songs. Edelweiss, from the Sound of Music was played repeatedly by Mom and Dad when they got their new stereo, a big wooden piece of furniture, almost.  I also think of anything from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, and Radio Free Europe by R.E.M.  Rumours was the first thing I played on my first nice stereo, and Radio Free Europe as I fell in love with old R.E.M. when I was in college.

My first house:  Stand from Green by R.E.M.  (Stand in the place where you live, now face North.  I know, very bubblegum. I like bubblegum.)

My current home: Hard to say, as I still live there, but if I had to pick one song,  for very personal reasons, Corduroy by Pearl Jam. 

Can you relate a certain song(s) to your favorite places? For me, when I hear those songs, I can see the entire scene as it was, 20, 30, or more years ago.


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