Trash-Talking Agents

The only way to dispel a myth is with a fact. There are many myths out there about real estate compnaies, and some are true. Most are myths. Traditional agents don’t realize that when they slam my company, make up stories, or talk out of their backside, they usually sound pretty dumb. They do not sound credible. They sound scared.

Here’s the best way to call an agent on the carpet: Set up a meeting where we all meet together. The 3 of us, at your place, or Starbucks.  Let’s have a sit-down.  Their story, demeanor, and nonsense will stop. I guarantee it. And you’ll be convinced that you don’t need to pay triple to get your house sold.  At Help-U-Sell, I can do it all for a low set fee.

This post was inspired by Greg Tracy at Blueroof Real Estate in Utah.  I think Blueroof  tells one side of the story, like a politician. 


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