10 Rules of Common Courtesy in Real Estate

As the buying-selling-moving process can be very emotional and stressful, it’s probably a good idea for all agents and consumers to understand what would make our real estate world a bit better.

1. If you’re going to be more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, call and advise.

2. If you drive up to the house and you absolutely hate it, knock on the door and inform the seller that the buyer changed their mind.

3. DO NOT saying anything negative about the house in the presence of the owner. (You would be surprised)

4. Keep the kids under control in the house. Yes they are adorable, but…

5. Be honest about your intentions with the seller about closing dates and contingencies.

6. DO NOT make a list of “This is why we are offering you $80,000 less than asking price.”

7. Don’t judge the buyer. Buyers have hopes, dreams and they have concerns, too.

8. Give the buyer space to see your home properly, do not rush them at any time. It’s a huge purchase.

9. Always use the Golden Rule. Return emails and calls promptly. Some day, you will need the favor returned.

10. Show up at the closing!  My gosh, is it really that difficult?  Don’t make life harder by giving power of attorney to someone. This is not Beverly Hills.


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