Karma: An Amazing Story

My friend Denise talks about karma all the time, so much that it used to drive me  a little crazy. (Probably because I knew what it meant, but I really didn’t undertstand it.)   Karma is the main theme in My Name is Earl, a hit TV show which airs before The Office (my favorite TV show) on Thursday nights.  Karma is not about retribution or vengeance, it’s about what is.  It has also been described as the law of cause and effect.

Karma is found in everything we do, good and bad, and I see it regularly in real estate. If a client treats another one poorly, it usually comes back to bite them. If an agent steals a transaction from another, the bad agent typically gets emotionally beat up by that client. If a buyer squeezes a seller over home inspection issues, and takes advantage of them, somehow, the neighbors find out and don’t roll out the red carpet for the new homeowner. Or worse. And it happens without anyone ever knowing “why”.

Understanding how karma works has been enlightening for me, because it has helped me to let go of angry feelings, or the need to “tell everyone what a jerk” that person may be.  It also makes me feel more in control, knowing that all will fall into place. Somehow, it all evens out in the end.

A few transactions ago, I had a buyer offer $5,000 less than the seller’s asking price. The seller accepted. While contracts were being prepared, the buyer changed his mind. He decided to give the sellers their asking price, because they reminded him of his parents, and he knew that the equity in the home represented all of the seller’s savings.  As unbelievable as this may sound, it is true. Of course, I did not believe the man. I felt he was going to change his mind, or maybe he was a phony. As it turned out, he was the real deal. I asked him at closing why he was so generous, and he said, “I have been very fortunate, I have a good life. I thought they could use the money. It’s about karma”. 



One Response to Karma: An Amazing Story

  1. What a great story – even more so because I’m watching My Name Is Earl at the moment!

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