Stage It!

These tips are from a handout I give to all sellers, based on years of selling real estate and my extensive training through Accredited Staging Professionals.

1. Open all windows, including basement windows for fresh air before the home goes on the market.
2. If you are a smoker, do not smoke inside the home or anywhere near a door or window- it will trail in. This is a major turnoff to buyers.
3. During showings and open houses, keep all lights on in every room.
4. Keep TV off during showings and open houses.
5. Play soft jazz or light classical music softly.
6. Keep all blinds and drapes open:  75% – 100%  up.
7. Take everything off the refrigerator, including magnets.  Everything!
8. Keep your kitchen counter and table clean with no clutter.
9. Do not cook with heavy spices inside while your home is on the market.
10. If you have too much clutter, consider renting storage or renting a Pod.
11. For single family homes, keep all lights on at night for the first 2 weeks on the market. Consider using a spotlight to illuminate the exterior and for sale sign.
12. Use real fruit (limes, lemons) for centerpieces.
13. Use lemon scented cleaning agents.
14. Use color ( mums are excellent ) in pots near your front door.
15. If needed, paint the front door and the mailbox.
16. Remove all dead plants inside, remove all dead landscaping outside. Add new mulch.
17. In poorly lit rooms, add a lamp or an uplight.
18. Remove mirrors (other than in bathrooms) in order to stress a focal point.
19. Painting brings a 200% return on your investment.  Use neutral colors. Do it!
20. Hide all prescriptions.  Secure any firearms. Secure or pack any valuables.
21. Arrange 2-4 place settings at the dining room table. Do not use silverwear.
22. Detail your home.  Make it Q-Tip clean!
23. If you are not taking extra lumber, paint cans or supplies, throw them out.
24. Power wash everything ( Driveway, deck, front door, house, porches ).
25. Have all carpets steam cleaned.
26. Cats?  Keep kitty litter box clean. Dogs? Keep them bathed regularly.


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