Lower Price Properties Get Less Services

Traditional real estate agents will never admit this, but I can prove it. Lower priced properties get less services from them. The reason is pretty simple, as most agents are paid a percentage commission. So, the more commission they get, the more they are willing to do. What this means quite simply is the lower priced listings get short changed. Most of the services I am talking about (photos on MLS, virtual tour, nice property flyers) are rather inexpensive – or free. They are just a bit time consuming for the agent. Clearly, most agents don’t want to spend their time on these chores. In today’s MLS, for properties in Hamilton, NJ, here are my findings:

50 Lowest Priced Listings:   8% had virtual tours, with  3.4 photos.

50 Highest Priced Listings:  26% had virtual tours, with 4.76 pics per listing.

In addition, if you went thru these 100 listings, I know you will find more professional brochures in the “high end” versus many b/w photocopies in the 50 lowest.

My suggestion?  Use a set fee broker who gives 100% to every client, not just some. Also, make sure your agent provides you with a written marketing plan.


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