How is Help-U-Sell Different?

Thankfully, every day someone asks me that question, and I always welcome the opportunity to answer it. 

1. Savings.  At Help-U-Sell Harbinger Realty, we charge a set fee instead of a percentage commission. For example, for a $280,000 home, our fee would be about $6,495. Compared to a 6% fee (commissions are negotiable and not set by law) this would save the seller $10,305.  To date, my office has saved sellers over $2,600,000 (compared to 6%).

2. Owners can be as involved as they choose, and have more control over the process  if they choose. Owners can show their own home, interact with the buyer, and some owners even like to negotiate their own sales price.  However, some sellers don’t do anything except sign contracts and show up at closing, and that is ok too. It’s your choice. Any way, you save.

3. Most Help-U-Sell agents have more experience than traditional agents. Our business model allows us to sell more homes, giving us more experience and know-how.  This cannot be overlooked, especially in this market when a great agent is needed.

4. When our owners do open houses, they increase their chances of selling. Instead of waiting for the agent to make time to service your property, you can take the bull by the horns and hold your own house open. It’s not rocket science, and chances are about 100% that you know your house better than any agent.

5. Information without Obligation. We provide buyers with the address of the property, unlike most companies who force the buyer to call in. We tell you what all fees are, upfront, unlike most who hide that until you give them an appointment.  It’s more upfront.

6. How are we the same?  We are locally owned and operated, we have MLS, virtual tours, gorgeous property flyers, fabulous internet exposure and full service. There is nothing a traditional agent does which I cannot. In most cases, we do much more.


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