Why Agents and Sellers Fail at Real Estate

After reading Greg’s post at Blueroof yesterday, I got to thinking that agents and sellers who fail share many common traits. Here are some.

1. They enter the market with unrealistic expectations. Most have no idea as to what is actually involved, or how long it will take to achieve success.

2. They are not mentally prepared to hang in there for the long haul. They quit.

3. They give up too easily.

4. They don’t follow expert’s advice. And if they do, it’s for too brief a sampling.

5. They develop a bad attitude as their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers constantly ask them, “How’s it going in real estate / selling your home.”  Then they listen to too many people giving advice.

My advice is to watch what successful people do, agents and sellers alike, and copy them. As for the guy down the street on the market for 9 mos., or the agent with the bad attitude who likes to gossip about how bad the company is, avoid them, and do not mimic them. Success leaves clues.


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