Racism is for the Weak

I grew up in a middle class neighborhood, raised by parents who, Thank God, respected people of all colors and backgrounds. I think racism is learned in most cases from parents.  While we may grow up hating broccoli and going to bed early, we must be taught how to dislike people with different color skin and people of different backgrounds. Racism is for the weak.

Racism, and sometimes discrimination unfortunately rear their ugly heads in my industry.  To think otherwise would be naive, and unrealistic.  I have had the unpleasant experiences of dealing with people in the past who made their racist feelings known, and while I have told them I will always abide by the law, I have also kept personal feelings to myself, trying to avoid heated debates or arguments.  Fortunately, I have also  had the great honor to work with many families from different countries and backgrounds.  I love getting to know them and learn about their cultures. It is fun to learn of sports and food and diffrent customs from their birthplace.  At the end of the day, It’s really amazing that no matter where people are from, how similar we all are.  Racism is for the weak. 

How creative is it to be racist? Any 7th grader can do it. It takes no creativity, intellect or character. From today forward, when someone makes a racist comment, I will tell them how I feel, and leave it at that.  My comment simply will be,  Racism is for the weak.  I encourage you to help me make this saying a catchphrase.


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