Announcing My 2 New Websites

This past week, I launched two new websites to help promote my listings and generate new business. is my personal site, which sends my listings to dozens of other local agents using the same Point2 Technologies platform, and also sends my listings to other prominent national real estate sites.   It will reach a different audience than my office website,, which is the new Help-U-Sell site which has been in the works for months.  The new Help-U-Sell site is a huge improvement over the last model, which was not as friendly or as easy to use.  The new Help-U-Sell site features 6 of our listings on the front page, which is what buyers want to see. It also has satellite mapping, Google Earth, and Cyberhomes Valuator, which are all fun tools to use.

With the internet being #1 place to find information for home buyers and home sellers, I  feel that both new sites will become popular destinations for local consumers. 

Check out these 2 new sites, and come back as we will continue to enhance them with upgrades and more tools and info.


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