But They Had to Sell!

Seller:  I want $300,000 for my home.

Agent: Well, the last 3 sales in your direct area sold for $235k, $265k and $275k.  I am not sure this market or area will produce $300,000.

Seller:  Those people had to sell. One bought another home, another was getting a divorce, and the third couldn’t afford it…I don’t think.

Agent: I understand. There are 500+ homes for sale in your town right now, and many of those folks have to sell. That’s why they are  on the market. They must move for one reason or another. It is homes like these which set the benchmarks for value.  Of the 500 homes for sale, I would guess that at least 150 of them Have To Sell.

Seller: My house is better. 


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