“Expert” Advice and Points of View

The following was taken from a magazine for real estate professionals. Please read.

 Don’t let Sellers give a personal tour of their home.

It is hard for some Sellers to resist sharing their personal experiences, but when it comes down to it, Buyers should daydream about the overall home being theirs, not concentrate on some upgraded sink faucet the Seller installed last week. You want the people to become interested in the home on a personal level, thinking of how they will go about their daily lives in it rather than notice every detail. Noticing every detail will come later.

At Help-U-Sell, we give sellers the option of shoiwng their own home. I know personally that many buyers love having the owners show the home, as there is not a question about the house which a seller doesn’t know, unlike all agents. However, some sellers need to know when to turn off the “production”.  The buyer must experience the house, feel it, and absorb it. As the magazine excerpt states, they don’t need to know about the upgraded faucet, or the 55 gallon hot water heater, etc.


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