Emails and Real Estate


I love email. It’s fast, free, and simple and can be very informative. Even my Mom can do it. But I hate it in dealing with problems. I have never seen email fix a real estate problem. Never.  When there is a problem, nothing beats face to face. People who insist on using email when dealing with problems usually want to have a casual fight. They would rather be angry than take 20 minutes to meet and fix the issue. In person, people are more respectful, they understand your body language and it’s intent, and there is a higher level of trust and understanding. It’s also easier to explain things visually, and as we know, a picture is worth lots of words.  If you have lost trust in the other person, it’ s easier to detect their b.s. in person.

When buying or selling an item of hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, take the time to meet with your agent, attorney or lender face to face.  Dozens of hurdles must be overcome in every transaction in order to get to the settlement table happily, which means dozens of opportunities for miscommunication or misunderstandings. Almost every transaction has 1 moment where people get flustered or upset or confused. When that moment comes, get face to face.


2 Responses to Emails and Real Estate

  1. mwoda says:

    Are you the same Mike Elliott that is on ActiveRain? You commented on one of my Blogger blogs about a month ago, and it got lost in all that clutter – WordPress is so much cleaner looking. Love your format!

  2. mikeelliott1 says:

    Thanks…just here on WordPress.

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