Consider the Homeowner During Buyer Home Inspection

I felt like I was going in for a rectal”,  said one of my recent home sellers, explaining how he felt when the buyers and their home inspector marched thru his house for a 3 1/2 hour home inspection.  While other sellers have not been so descriptive with their feelings, most feel the same way.  While this market certainly makes the sellers the underdog, I have some suggestions for buyers before and during the home inspection.

1. If you know of a major issue (heater / roof / septic) which may need replacement, voice this concern before the inspection to the seller, so they know what you’re looking for.

2. At the same time, let the seller know you are not going to “nickle and dime” them for cracked sidewalks, broken window seals, or a wiggling pantry door knob.

3. Understand their position.  Put yourself in their shoes.

4. Meet face to face if there is an issue which can not be agreed to. Be cool. Be open minded.

Most homesellers know what their home needs. They just don’t know how strong  your requests or demands will be.


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