About Mike


DOB:  3/18/63

Parents: John and Joyce Elliott

Birthplace: Trenton, NJ

Education: Steinert High School, 1981. Trenton State College (1982-1984).

Residence: Burlington Twp., NJ

Year Entered Real Estate: 1984

Core Beliefs:  Treat clients with respect, but always be straight with them, even if it hurts a little.

Years Full Time:  I am just entering my 24th year in real estate.  Other Jobs:  None.

Local Ranking in Sales:  I have been #1 in Hamilton Since 2004

Favorite Teams: Red Sox, Patriots, and my kids soccer teams. By the way, I am not a bandwagon guy. I go back to Yaz, Rico, and the Boston Patriots.

My Music: REM, The Beatles, Wilco, Sun Volt, Green Day, CCR and much more.

Favorite Movies:  Forrest Gump, Rocky, Saving Private Ryan, The Wizard of Oz.

Inspired By:  The U.S. Military, Thomas Paine, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., George Patton,  JFK  and Ronald Reagan.  I am always inspired by overachievers.


8 Responses to About Mike

  1. Leo Wesolowski says:

    Hello Mike,
    This is the very first time I am responding to a “blog”, and I have to admit that your blog is enjoyable as well as informative.
    If there is anything I can do for you and “Harbinger”, please let me know.

    Leo Wesolowski

  2. Dolores says:

    Nice blog, looking forward to your next post…

  3. Ralph Lepore says:

    No wonder you are in the top 10 at Help-U-Sell, you are bright, resourseful, and put in the hours. That’s a successful combination. Keep communicating your ideas, you can make a difference.

    Ralph Lepore
    Torrance Ca.
    Member of the Owners Association

  4. Brad Nix says:


    Thanks for stopping my blog today and good job on yours! Keep up the good work.

  5. Garth Dexter says:


    Excellent content on your blog. I’m sure your clients will find this to be a valuable resource.

    PS- Wilco’s great, but how about Uncle Tuepelo/ Sunvolt?

  6. Mike Elliott says:


    I love Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt ! Thanks for the comments…

  7. hi mike thanks for the comment on the mario costume! hahaha

  8. KEN KOPCHO says:

    WOW This stuff is great love detail and content ken kopcho

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